Humanist wedding ceremony at One Friendly Place

Planning a Humanist Wedding – Your Questions answered

I am a big fan of humanist weddings.  They are honest, personal, fun and relaxed. Zena Birch is a humanist celebrant who is amazing at her job.  She is warm funny and friendly. I met her at Sarah and Greg’s wedding last year. A lot of couples I work with, are planning a humanist wedding….

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Child running around on dancefloor at child-friendly wedding

Top tips for a fun and relaxed child-friendly wedding

  It is not for everyone, but lots of couples love the idea of inviting children to their wedding. Kids can be a lot of fun at weddings and it can be a truly magical day for them.  It just needs a little thought and preparation to get them through the less child-friendly parts of…

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Getting ready photos – how many hours do I need?

Capturing the getting ready photos is one of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer.  It’s a perfect beginning to the story of any wedding day. The atmosphere is quieter and more intimate with a feeling of anticipation in the air.  This is the time where you get the chance to spend time with…

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Affordable London wedding venues - Wimbourne House

5 Unique and Affordable London Wedding Venues

[Updated for 2018] I love a London wedding! As a wedding photographer, I come across lots of different venues. Some of the best venues in London are hidden gems that are interesting and unique, rich with their own personalities. Brides can be concerned with the cost of a wedding, but a London wedding doesn’t have…

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Wedding Photography Coverage – How many hours do you need?

As a wedding photographer, I often get asked how many hours a couple should book me for.  Most standard packages are between six to eight hours and usually cover you from getting ready to the first dance.  But how much coverage of the bridal preparation do you need? Or what if you have an early ceremony…

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How to keep wedding group shots stress free

Whilst my work is all about capturing candid and natural moments, most couples want some of the classic wedding group shots, even if it is just to keep Mum and Dad happy.  It is not often that the whole family is in one place and a group shot can add to the record of the day. The…

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6 Easy ways to take better photos of your kids

Every parent loves seeing photos of their child. With children, things change so quickly.   And whilst the days may seem long at times, the years are short.  Taking photographs helps us to keep the memories of this magical period alive. Like remembering how tiny your babies feet were when you first brought them home from…

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Black and white confetti shot

What to look for when choosing a wedding photographer

There are so many of us!  And wedding photography is a big investment and a bit of a funny one as you are buying something that you can’t see or feel until after the day.  So I can see why finding the right photographer for your wedding can seem slightly overwhelming. Here are some tips on what…

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Bride and groom walking hand in hand at South Farm

5 Tips for getting the best out of your wedding photos

In an ideal world, all brides would get ready in a pristine room with big windows, get married in late afternoon golden sunlight and have their wedding breakfast in a large bright room with white ceilings. But for most of us, life doesn’t look like a photo shoot – even if it is our wedding…

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