5 questions that will help you find out whether your wedding photographer is a good fit

I think we all agree that hiring a wedding photographer that you like and trust is super important. Not only do you have just one chance to get the wedding photos you dream of but you will also be spending most of your wedding day with your chosen photographer.  You want to make sure that they are a good fit – both in terms of style and personality.

So what questions can you ask your photographer – other than ‘how much do you charge?’ – to find out whether they are the right one for you:

1) Why are you a wedding photographer?

You want somebody who loves what they do. Find out why they decided to become a wedding photographer, and what makes them continue to want to be one. What do they enjoy about the job? Is it their full-time occupation?  Is it their dream job?  Talking about the motivation behind their career choice will quickly show you whether someone is passionate about what they do.

Documentary wedding photo used to illustrate questions to ask your wedding photographer

2) What is your favourite type of photograph?

Does your photographer love creating creative portraits and interesting compositions?  Do they like showing off all the pretty details and the beautiful dress?  Or is it the candid moments and real emotions that make them excited to pick up their camera?  The answer to this question should tell you whether the photographer is likely to get you the style of wedding photos you are looking for.

Bride and best friend outside the Amadeus Centre

3) How do you approach the day?

Are you looking for someone who will give you directions and put you into flattering poses?  Or would you prefer a photographer that  observes rather than participates?  Find out what lighting set-ups, if any, your photographer usually uses?  Do they work alone or with a team of people? Do they work with a shoot list?   How much do they interact with the guests? Do they ask people to look at them when taking a photograph or do they take truly candid shots? Have a think what you would be most comfortable with and what works best with the day you have planned.

Bride and groom kissing at village hall wedding

4) What part of your job are you really good at?

Find out what your wedding photographer feels their strengths are. Are they really good at making you feel at ease when you don’t like posing for photographs?  Can they light a dark reception venue? Are they super efficient when it comes to getting everyone together for group portraits? Or can they capture people’s true expressions without them being aware of the camera?  Do the photographer’s strengths fit with what is important to you?

Bride and groom dancing at Bartholomew Barn wedding

5) Can I see a whole wedding?

Always ask to look at a whole wedding rather than just the highlights on a photographer’s website.   This will give you a good idea of what your set of wedding photos will look like, and you can make sure that the quality of work and style is consistent throughout.

Documentary Wedding Photographer 1


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