How to keep wedding group shots stress free

Tips from a Pro

Whilst my work is all about capturing candid and natural moments, most couples want some of the classic wedding group shots, even if it is just to keep Mum and Dad happy.  It is not often that the whole family is in one place and a group shot can add to the record of the day. The main thing is to keep this part of the day short and sweet and stress free so you can get back to mingling with your nearest and dearest.

Here are a few top tips on what you can do to make wedding group shots run smoothly:

Plan ahead

Think about who should be in your group shots before the big day.  Write a list and share it with your photographer.  It can also be helpful to go over the list with any family members who are set on certain group shots.  This gives you a chance to manage expectations and avoid any conflict on the wedding day.

Group shot of entire wedding party at Bartholomew Barn

Allow enough time and prioritise

Smaller groups usually take around 3-5 minutes to get organised and larger groups will take longer.  A shot of everyone could take as long as 15 minutes.  With these timings in mind, think about what is most important to you and cut down the number of shots. Be realistic and combine related shots into larger groups.  You don’t want to miss out on your drinks reception and on spending that precious time with your guests.

Let people know

It can be useful to let the people who you want to be in the group shots know beforehand. Give them a time and a place so they know they need to stay close by. This might just stop Uncle Graham nipping to the bar at a crucial moment

Wedding group shot at Glenmore House

Get people to help

Nominate a couple of people in your wedding party to help get everyone together. Pick someone who is good at getting people organised and knows who is who.

Wedding group photo of Humanist wedding at Ridge Farm

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