Getting ready photos – how many hours do I need?

Capturing the getting ready photos is one of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer.  It’s a perfect beginning to the story of any wedding day. The atmosphere is quieter and more intimate with a feeling of anticipation in the air.  This is the time where you get the chance to spend time with the people you are closest to – your Mum, your sister, your best friend – before the  hustle and bustle of the wedding day begins.

Getting ready photos of bride putting on earrings

When couples book me, they often ask how many hours they should allow for getting ready photos.

Depending on how far away you are getting ready from the ceremony venue, I would recommend for your wedding photography to start 2-3 hours before the ceremony. By this point, you might have already had your hair done and be halfway through your make-up but it will still give your photographer plenty of time to document your bridal preparations.  There will be time to capture the touching up of make-up, your bridesmaids helping you into the dress and your Dad seeing you as a bride for the first time.

You might also want to ask your photographer to travel with you to the venue as this can give you some great shots of  your last journey as a single woman.

Getting ready photo at Ridge FarmGetting ready photos of brides getting ready at home

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