Top tips for a fun and relaxed child-friendly wedding

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It is not for everyone, but lots of couples love the idea of inviting children to their wedding. Kids can be a lot of fun at weddings and it can be a truly magical day for them.  It just needs a little thought and preparation to get them through the less child-friendly parts of the day and make it a fun and relaxed experience for everyone.

Here are some top tips on how to plan a child-friendly wedding that will be a hit with both the children and the parents:

Child-friendly venue

Make sure your wedding venue is child-friendly. Children won’t be able to sit down for long periods of time so pick a venue where there is lots of space for them to run around and play (without causing too much chaos). This might be a garden at a country house, a playground next to a village hall or an empty dancefloor at a winter wedding.

Group of children running at child-friendly wedding

Goody bags

Prepare a goody bag for each child attending.  Hand these out just before the speeches or the meal to keep little ones occupied.  These might include a sticker book, colouring in sheets, little games (Top Trumps is a great one for slightly older kids), bubbles or play dough. You can find more great ideas here.

Kids goodie bag at child-friendly wedding


Weddings are usually an all day event so have a think beforehand on what you can do to keep your little guests entertained.  You could go all out and hire a kids entertainer but a bouncy castle or some lawn games might do the trick. A magician is another great option that will be appreciated by the adults too (as might the bouncy castle).

Boy playing in a field at child-friendly weddingFood and treats

Avoid ‘hangry’ children by providing child-friendly snacks and food.  You might want to include some mini pizzas or little portions of chips in your canapes.  A sweet cart or ice cream van will also be much appreciated, I’m sure.

Flowergirls dancing at child-friendly wedding

Involve them

Give children a little role to play on your wedding day, like handing out wedding programmes or confetti.

Flower girl carrying veil at child-friendly wedding

Get them on the dancefloor

Kids and dance floors make for a great combination. Start the dancing early before everyone is tired.  Props, like blow-up guitars, flashing wands or fancy dress can be lots of fun – for the adults too.

Toddler on dance floor at child-friendly weddingChild on dancefloor with blow up guitar at child-friendly wedding

Enjoy your child-friendly wedding!

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