Top Tips from a Pro for Printing your Wedding Photos

Tips for printing wedding photos

I always encourage the couples I work with to print their wedding photos. That way they become a tangible thing to touch and are much more likely to live on and be shared with future generations.  You have made a big investment to get the photographs – so make the most of them!

Here are some top tips on getting the best results when printing your wedding photos:

Make sure you have the high resolution, full size images

Talk to your wedding photographer and find out whether you will get a copy of the high resolution images.  These are the ones you want to use for printing.

Be aware of dimensions

Most professional photographs will have a 3:2 dimension.  That means that if you want to keep things simple, choose a print size that reflects those dimensions, such as 6×4″ or 15×10″, for example.

However, what if you have already bought a 10×8″ frame and would like to use it?  Don’t fret, this can still work for most photographs.  You will just need to do a little bit of cropping so make sure you choose a photo where there is some space around the edges that can be cut off.  You can usually do this in the print lab’s software.

Check the quality

This is important for larger prints.  Your wedding photos will be have been taken on a professional camera by a professional so quality usually isn’t an issue.  But there are always circumstances, where pictures might be a little bit grainy or slightly out of focus.  I include these pictures despite their imperfections, if they show a beautiful moment that will mean something to the couple.

So before ordering a large canvas print, check the quality to make sure the photo will look great when it is enlarged.  You can do this by zooming in on the photograph on your computer – be particularly aware of the eyes.  If you want to be on the safe side, you might even consider ordering a test print.

Use a professional print lab

There are some professional print labs that offer their services to the general public.  The quality of the ink, materials and printers used will be much better than your standard high street lab.  DS Colour Labs and Peak Imaging are two UK based online print labs can be used by non-photographers.

I hope you have found these tips for printing your wedding photos useful, So go on and get some beautiful printed products that make you relive the memories of your wedding day!

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