Why I love being a Documentary Wedding Photographer

When I first started in photography, I quickly realised that I really like photographing people.  And not just people giving me their best camera smile but people being themselves. And the honest, often beautiful interactions between humans.  So becoming a documentary wedding photographer was the obvious choice.

Bride and groom giggling during the wedding ceremony

It means I can capture characters and feelings. It’s not just about someone’s smile – it’s their cheekiness or their elation. It’s not about someone’s stance – it’s their attitude or their pride. It’s not about the posing– well, it might be, but they’re probably gesturing for 2 drinks or showing off their signature dance move. It’s a true honour for me to be in that moment with someone, and a genuine pleasure to capture it on camera to be shared and kept forever.

Black and white photograph of flower girl hiding behind bride taken by documentary wedding photographer

Weddings are special, and the couples and their guests should be celebrating them outrageously hard: laughing, crying, cheering, dancing and doing their thing with the people they love. Nobody should be distracted from that by being asked to stand in a certain place and smile for the camera. As a documentary wedding photographer, it’s me that needs to be in the right place at the right time to capture it all so that nobody else needs to stage or miss a thing.

Bride and groom in colourful suit kiss

Documentary wedding photography allows people to be completely present – and that’s what I love about it. I’m the only one who should be focused on the camera.

Documentary Wedding Photography image of bride greeting guests

The photos will reflect the actual memories of the day: family and friends having fun and enjoying themselves to the fullest, guests marvelling at each other’s outfits, making new friends and reuniting with old ones, exchanging stories about friendships and childhoods.

Documentary style wedding photo of grandma crying during wedding ceremony

Being a documentary wedding photographer lets me capture a celebration of love and life rather than manufacture moments – and that is a true honour.

Photograph of bride playing with baby taken by documentary wedding photographer

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