Muswell Hill Family Photography

Natural Family Photos in Coppetts Wood

Boy on tyre swing in Coppetts WoodA few weeks ago, I had to the pleasure to photograph this lovely Muswell Hill family.

I approach my family photography in a very similar way to my wedding work. I keep things natural and document what I see.  I don’t ask people to look at the camera and smile.  But rather I look for the best way to capture connections, personalities and moments. For me it’s all about documenting real life rather than creating smiley portraits of children in their Sunday best.

It is a pretty stress-free approach for parents.  There is no need to convince your children to put on smart clothes or stop playing to pose for photos. I just want people to be themselves and interact how they normally do.  I want kids to be wild and playful and snotty nosed.

For this family photography session, we first went for a walk in the very pretty Coppetts Wood in Muswell Hill.  The children collected acorns, splashed in the water and made the most of the tyre swing. It was the start of Autumn – my favourite season. I love the colours of the leaves, the low light and the slight chill in the air.  Whilst it was a relatively grey day, the woods still gave some pretty pockets of light.

After having fun in the great London outdoors, we made our way back to the family home for tea, snacks and crazy dancing.

It is really important to me to spend some part of a family photography session in the family’s home.  The kids are usually more relaxed.  They can be themselves and do the things that they are into at the moment, which is lovely to document. Home plays such an important part in family life.  Each backdrop tells a story.  The pictures on the wall, the toys scattered around, the pile of laundry in the corner – all of which will become meaningful in years to come and help show what life was like at this moment in time.


Documentary family photography Muswell HIllFamily Photography in Muswell Hill Muswell HIll Family Photography Boy plays in stream Girl on tyre swing in Coppetts Wood Mother comforts daughter during natural family photography session Muswell Hill Family PhotographyBoy collects acorns in Coppetts Wood Portrait of mother and daughter Mother cuddles daughter during Muswell Hill Family Photography session Boy runs through Coppetts Wood Mother and son play in alleyway in Muswell HillDad with daughter in Coppetts Wood Muswell HIllMuswell HIll Family Photography Daughter on Dad's shoulders in Muswell Hill Family Photography session Mother give son a piggy back during Muswell Hill Family photography session Muswell Hill Family Photography Dad and son during documentary family photography session in Muswell Hill Brother and sister dance around the flat in natural family photography session Natural family photography in Muswell HIll

If you are looking for a Muswell Hill Family Photography session, why not get in touch.  I would love to tell your family’s story.