365 Project – Month 12

And…we’re done!

This is the last month of my 365 project – a project where I take and share a photograph every day for a whole year.

It’s wonderful to be able to look back on the last year. I am particularly fond of the photographs that document our daily life together (like the one of Cosmo washing his face). Even if it may be a bit mundane and repetitive at times. But time passes so quickly and soon the things that feel mundane now are a thing of the past and start to feel quite special.  It’s beautiful to have little snippets of the past to remember life by.

I started the project on my birthday last year and finished it on my 40th birthday trip to New York City. It was great taking Cosmo.  He loved all the skyscrapers. We had a wonderful roof terrace in our apartment in Brooklyn where we could eat pizza, drink prosecco and admire the Manhattan skyline.

So what’s next? I think I will take a little break from a personal project for now.  It’s a nice feeling to not have the pressure to make a picture every day although I do pick up my camera most days when I feel inspired.  I am a little tempted by a weekly project of self-portraits as I very rarely get into the frame.  I also like the idea of a video-based project….well, we’ll see….


365 Project Boy washing face Boy painting an eggbox Boy jumping on the couch Children playing under the covers Boy does spelling practice365 Project Boy licking spoonBoy on climbing frame at Albert RecFather and son on Brooklyn Bridge Boy looking out of Empire State BuildingBoy on roof terrace in WIlliamsburg in Brooklyn

You can see the entire project on Flickr.