365 Project – Month 11

Boy with long hair getting haircut

Here comes the penultimate instalment of my 365 project – almost there!  In April 2016, I challenged myself to start a project where I take and share a photograph every day for a year. Here are my favourite photographs from February/March (I’ve still got a bit of catching up to do).

The first blossoms are starting to appear. Spring is always a glorious time in London.

We had a wonderful day out at the Barbican. I hadn’t been for a while.  It’s such an amazing and surreal place.  I felt a bit like I was walking along a science-fiction movie set. I love all the straight lines and I’m strangely attracted by all the concrete.

Other than that, it is just the usual activities that life with a five-year old brings: sitting on the swings, getting dressed, eating porridge, making pancakes, getting a haircut. Lots of ordinary, everyday moments. This was exactly my aim when I started the project.  Rather than just capturing the “big ticket items” like holidays, birthday parties, and days out, I wanted to document what our life is like at the moment.

Boy on swings in Finsbury Gardens N225 year old getting dressed Boy walking around in the Barbican centrePancake day Boy eating porridge First signs of spring