My 365 Project – Month 8

Here are my favourite pictures of Month 8 of my 365 project – a project where I take and share a picture every day.

I have started to get used to the short days and lack of light.  Generally mornings are the best time for me to get my picture of the day as we have enough natural light coming in to the house.  But it does mean we sometimes have to rush to school because I’ve taken too much time taking pictures when I should have been getting Cosmo’s lunch ready. The one of Cosmo jumping on the bed was one of those occasions.

We’ve also been blessed with quite a few sunny days this November, which must be quite unusual.  The low winter sun is just amazing, especially after a few grey days, and makes for really special light and shadows.

And Christmas is just around the corner with lights, tress and generally Christmas cheer helping me find inspiration every day – more of that next month.

If you are looking for someone to document your family life, why not get in touch.  Whilst I mainly photograph weddings, I always love the opportunity to work with families in North London and tell their story.