My 365 Project – Month 6

Half way there!  This is Month 6 of my 365 project – where I take and share a picture every day of the year.

This was another busy (and emotional month) for us.  Cosmo started school and turned five, which we celebrated with an emergency services birthday party.

My baby starting school was an emotional time for me. It was a much bigger deal for me than it was for him. I was really nervous, worried and sad that the preschool years have come to an end. Luckily, he is really enjoying it and I’m starting to get used to afternoons without him. It’s amazing how quickly the time fills up and I’m no closer to getting on top of my never-ending to do list.

I’m so grateful to have pictures that remind me of this exciting yet daunting period.  I took the photo of Cosmo sweeping the road the day before he started school. It reminds me of a special few days where we were just hanging out together with nowhere to be, and playing whatever we felt like – like sweeping our road. Then there is the photo of Cosmo on his bike, which I took on the way home from one of his first days at school. He is telling me all about his day and it brings back memories of what this exciting new start felt like for us.

If you want to see my 365 project, take a look at Flickr.  Or you can see more of my family photography here.

ae1_2921 Self portrait of mother and son taken with Tripod Dad and son brushing teeth Boy on Isla bikeBoy and grandma making birthday cake Boy and girl at emergency services kids birthday partyBoy playing with wooden train trackae1_1846 ae1_1975Boy at Woodberry WetlandsBoy making shadow animals