My 365 Project – Month 3

I’m coming to the end of the first quarter of my 365 project – a personal project where I take and share a photograph each day.

This month has been quite hard.  I have been super busy photographing weddings and I don’t always feel like picking up my camera after a weekend of shooting.  But the project is challenging me to continue to document our family life.  And I’m very glad about that.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have anywhere near as many photos of my day to day life during this busy time.

The highlight of this month has been a family glamping trip.  We stayed at the wonderful Kits Coty Glamping in Kent.  As it was during the week, we had the place to ourselves.  It was so lovely to unplug and spend time in the beautiful countryside – playing football, blowing bubbles and roasting marshmallows.

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