My 365 Project – Month 10

Here is my latest instalment of my 365 project – a project where I take and share a picture every day for a whole year.

I always find January the longest and most miserable month of the year.  The magic and joy of Christmas has been and gone and we are now stuck with cold and grey days. Interestingly, my sister’s least favourite month is November as she feels she still has the whole of the winter ahead of her whereas in January you are already over the hump and spring is not too far away.

As you can see from the pictures, we did a lot of dressing up in January.  There is a boxer, an astronaut and a top agent (the one with the goggles and the bike helmet, obviously), which is Cosmo’s favourite game at the moment. The astronaut outfit was for a brilliant space birthday party where the Mum dressed up as an alien wearing a rubber mask and set up a game of protecting her alien eggs.   Brilliant!

I also really love capturing the quieter moments in Cosmo’s play, like the picture in the bath or the one reading a bedtime story with Nana.  I have a feeling that the photograph with Nana might be one of the most meaningful ones I’ve taken throughout this project.

Reflection in puddleBoy on way to space party Child taking selfieChild jumping in puddles Children playing dress upBathtime play Boy dressed up as boxerScience experiments at the kitchen sink Boy on climbing frame Grandma reading story to grandchild

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