My 365 Project – Month 1

I am big fan of podcasts.   One of my favourite ones is the TWiP family podcast, which is all about family photography. I am constantly inspired by it and love the idea of documenting the home, childhood and memories of growing up.

There is a group of people on the podcast who have started a 365 project – a project where you take and share a photograph every day of the year. On my 39th birthday, I decided to join them, which means that the project will be made up of photographs from my last year in my thirties.

My aim is to capture and document our everyday life – the little routines and habits and adventures of our family that make up 2016.

I love how the project is constantly making me look out for interesting moments and pretty light. It has also made me take photographs in places where I would normally not get my camera out like Mothercare or the library. It’s really nice to have this captured.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from Month 1:

Boy in hotel corridor Annelie Eddy 365-1621Annelie Eddy 365-0967Annelie Eddy 365-1137 Boy in Early Learning Centre Annelie Eddy 365-2133 Annelie Eddy 365-2524 Boy putting on sunscreenAnnelie Eddy 365-0247Annelie Eddy 365-2634 Annelie Eddy 365-120726Child in the libraryAnnelie Eddy 365-0996

You can see the full project on Flickr – including the stories behind the photographs – or come and find me on Instagram to see more of my personal work.