A Favourite in Focus – A Hug from Mum

Bride hugs Mum during wedding ceremony

As part of my Favourite in Focus series, I want to share another one of my favourite images with you.

I took this photograph at Laura + Yiannis’ Greek wedding last year. It is tradition during a Greek wedding that the parents and close family members come up to the front of the church at the end of the ceremony to pass on their well wishes.  Laura, the bride, is being hugged by her Mum here.  It is such a heartfelt embrace and I adore Laura’s tender expression.

When I photograph a wedding, I always look for the connection between people. I especially like to show the interactions with the people the couple is closest to.  I spend quite a bit of time before a wedding finding out how the families are made up and who is particularly important to the bride and groom.

The other thing I love about this picture is how Laura is surrounded by all her friends and relatives. It was a big wedding and the church was tiny and filled to bursting point.

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