A Favourite in Focus – The Happy Couple

The majority of my work is documentary-style and reportage.  That means I don’t pose anything. Instead I let things happen naturally.  I observe rather than orchestrate and I am always on the look out for genuine moments and emotions.

Whilst all the couples I work with love the idea of candid natural photographs, they usually also want a few couple portraits of themselves as bride and groom.  After all, it’s a special day for the two of you and it is nice to have a more formal record of that.

As with all my work, I like to keep things natural even when it comes to formal portraits.  I don’t put you into extravagant poses that you would normally never stand in. Or ask you to smile at the camera. I want to capture the genuine you. To do that, I take couples for a little walk around the reception venue and give them a chance to spend a bit of time together away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day.  I may give some gentle pointers on where to stand but generally I just let the two of you have  a bit of a catch up, a giggle, a cuddle, a dance (whatever is your thing)  and a few moments to yourself.

And most importantly, I make sure that the couple photographs don’t take very long. I don’t want you to miss out on mingling with your guests.  Because how often do you have all your favourite people in one room?

Black and white couple portrait bride and groom

I took this couple portrait at Nimali and Graham’s wedding at Merton Registry Office.  I am really fond of this photograph.  I feel it really shows the connection and love between these two.  Nimali and Graham are parents of young children and as such don’t get to spend much time together as a couple. So it was even more special to take ten minutes on their wedding day to hang out together and let it all sink in.

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