A Favourite in Focus – The Baby and the Dress

Baby in nappies at bridal preparations

This photograph makes me smile whenever I look at it.  I took it a year ago during the bridal preparations of Lyndsey and Sam’s Ridge Farm wedding.

The baby in the picture is Lyndsey and Sam’s little girl. Not only does she look very cute running through the room in a nappy, I love the energy of the photograph.  The encouraging smile of the bridesmaid shows the connection between the two and the dresses hanging up in the background give the context of her parents’ wedding day.

I also like how the environment isn’t pristine.  The shoes scattered in the foreground and the plastic bag on the floor hint at the chaos of real-life bridal preparations.

When I photograph I don’t move things around much.  Sometimes I need to to get a better angle but generally I like to leave things as they are.  I want to capture life as it is and I’m yet to see an immaculately presented room during the bridal preparations.  Wrappers, shoes, deodorant all form part of the of the often slightly chaotic backdrop and contribute to telling the story of the day.