A Favourite in Focus – Dancing with Dad

Bride dances with father at The Ned Hotel wedding

One of the things that is most likely to make me emotional when photographing a wedding is parents dancing with the bride or groom. It makes me think of little boys and girls growing up and all the memories that parents have shared with them. And how getting married stands for being an adult and a new part of life beginning. Sniff, sniff. You can probably tell that I am a Mum (and I’m already feeling a little emotional at the thought of my son getting married – he’s only seven!)

I took this photograph at Camilla and Rishi’s wedding at the wonderful Ned Hotel earlier this year. I could tell right away that Camilla is very close to her parents. It was really important to me to capture that relationship. This documentary-style photograph of a hug filled with joy can tell that story in a way a formal family portrait simply can’t.

If you would like to find out more about the way I work and why I have chosen to be a documentary wedding photographer, take a look at the My Style section.