A Favourite in Focus – A Warm Welcome

Bride and groom arrive at Tanner Warehouse wedding

I took this photograph last summer at Katie and Tom’s London wedding. It was one of my favourite photos from last year. It shows Katie and Tom arriving at Tanner warehouse after having taken a little stroll through the streets of London (with me and my camera in tow capturing some natural and fun couple portraits).

I love the sea of smiling faces that greets them and the connection between the two.  Even though the photo shows them from behind, you can just tell that they have a big smile on their face. Being welcomed by your guests when you enter your wedding reception can be a really fun moment to photograph.

I also really like how the photograph shows the detail on the back of the dress without me interrupting Katie’s day to pose her in any way. And it gives a real feel for the venue with its pretty fairy lights, blackboards and exposed brick, showing the happy couple in situ. So whilst as a documentary wedding photographer (and someone who feels weddings are all about the people rather than the things), I don’t spend a lot of time photographing details, I still always capture them naturally as part of the story and flow of the day.

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