What to look for when choosing a wedding photographer

There are so many of us!  And wedding photography is a big investment and a bit of a funny one as you are buying something that you can’t see or feel until after the day.  So I can see why finding the right photographer for your wedding can seem slightly overwhelming.

Bride putting on veil for Bartholomew Barn wedding

Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a wedding photographer:

Pick your style

Think about which style of photography suits you best.  Different photographers are good at different things.  Some take amazing couple portraits, others are really good at beautifully capturing the dress, the shoes, the flowers etc. And for others it’s all about photographing the emotions and the connections between people.  By looking through photographers’ websites, you will quickly see what style of wedding photography the photographer is great at and most proud of.

Bride and best friend laughing during bridal preparations

Meet your photographer

Meet up with your photographer before you book them.  Make sure you like them as well as their photos.  The photographer will be spending a lot of time with you on the wedding day and just imagine how awful if it would be if you would find them really annoying.  The more comfortable you feel with your photographer, the better your pictures will be.

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Look through a whole wedding rather than just the highlights

Ask to see a whole wedding rather than just the best bits in the photographer’s portfolio.  This will give you a good idea of consistency and how the photographer deals with different settings and light situations.  Ideally, look at a wedding with a similar setting to yours.  If you are planning a candle-lit winter wedding in a pub, this will be quite different from a marquee wedding in July.

Flower girls carrying veil

Be flexible with your budget

Don’t make price your only concern.  Weddings are expensive and it’s important to stay within budget.  But if you really click with someone and love their style, it might be worth spending a little bit extra. After all, there is only one chance to photograph your wedding and the pictures will last you for a lifetime.


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