Queen Mary University Wedding

Emma and Stuart

Queen Mary University Wedding, Annelie Eddy Photography

Emma and Stuart were married on November 12th, with a ceremony at the Bromley Public Hall and a reception at Queen Mary University.

These two amazing people got married just around the corner from their flat in East London on a super rainy day, one of those grey days in November where it just doesn’t stop. But the truth is the weather didn’t matter at all because it was just an amazing day! Emma and Stuart were in great spirits and so were their guests!

After the ceremony, it was off to Queen Mary University for the wedding reception. This is a fairly new space for receptions, and I was really impressed with the great team of people who work there as well as the unique space they had to offer. The Octagon’s domed ceiling is particularly amazing for good shots and creates a perfect setting and atmosphere.

Emma and Stuart love indie music, and that was reflected throughout their wedding in so many little details! They referred to their wedding as “Weddingfest,” and the tables were all named after famous indie bands. They had Photoshopped themselves into famous indie album covers for the centrepieces, too—I loved that detail!

I also loved how much their families were involved. The kids were totally intrigued by the band, Alive, and one of my favourite shots of the day was of Grandpa joining in the toast. I loved being able to capture all the action out on the dance floor with the family and friends partying the night away!

Stuart & Emma, thank you so much for letting me be part of your beautiful day! It was a real pleasure to be your photographer, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

Queen Mary University Wedding, Annelie Eddy Photography

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