Glenmore House Wedding | Sophie + Chris

When I first met up with Sophie and Chris, I knew straightaway that we would be a good match. They wanted reportage, natural photographs of their wedding and were really not concerned with anything posed. It was important to them to spend as much time as possible on their wedding day with their friends and family and they wanted me to capture all the beautiful and fun moments.

The wedding took place on a sunny winter’s day at the amazing Glenmore House in Surbiton. Sophie and Chris had gone through a lot of effort to personalise the venue with baskets of complimentary toiletries and framed prints of beautiful poems in the toilets. The wedding cake was a gin and tonic cake (who knew such a thing existed?!) and was made by a friend of Sophie and Chris and looked delicious.

Sohpie looked very elegant and very lovely and it was obvious how much she enjoyed the day. The little bridesmaids who are Sohpie’s nieces were just too cute for words and I loved photographing Chris’s son Theo who had a blast with his friends and cousins.

The wedding breakfast was candle-lit and Sohpie and Chris had hired entertainer Devilstick Peat who they had met at a festival. Peat made the guests laugh in between courses with various tricks and jokes – a perfect opportunity for some great candid photographs.

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