A Favourite in Focus – Speeches

Reportage wedding photograph of bride and groom during the speeches at a marquee wedding

There is so much going on in this photograph!  There is the bride laughing at the speech her father is giving, the sister of the bride cheering on her Dad, the cute little daughter climbing all over her Daddy, and her twin listening to the speeches with a wry look in her face.

I took this photograph during Emily and Dom’s wonderful village fete wedding in North Hamptonshire.  Marquees always makes for beautiful soft light.

A photograph like this just shows that it is possible to capture a lot of family members in one picture without posing them. Imagine the same photo with everyone lined up looking and smiling at the camera.  So much of the story would be lost.

Speeches are a great time of day to capture candid photographs of you and your guests. There are usually lots of great expressions and natural smiles.  I always make sure that I capture not only you and the person making the speech but also all your friends and family.

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