A Favourite in Focus – A Quiet Moment

Bridal Preparations at Ridge Farm

Today I have chosen a photograph from the bridal preparations of Katie + Matt’s beautiful Ridge Farm wedding for my Favourite in Focus series.

I love photographing the getting ready period.  It’s a time of day that has a more intimate,quieter feel to it. There are usually only a handful of people around.  And even though things can get a little chaotic as the time of the ceremony approaches, this is the time to capture precious connections between the bride and the people that mean most to her in the world.

Here Katie is standing in beautiful light sorting through the bouquets for her wedding day. There is an air of serenity about her.

This photo is also a great example of how I like to capture details.  I always make sure to get a shot of the flowers, dress etc. But that doesn’t necessarily happen by me moving things around and putting them in a pretty setting. Instead I look out for the details in situ so the photograph adds to the story of the wedding day.

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