A Favourite in Focus – Newborn Magic


Documentary Wedding Photographer_303

There is nothing like a wedding to bring together different generations. And there is nothing like a newborn to bring out expressions of wonder.

I took this photograph just before the ceremony at beautiful Syon House.  The guests were waiting for the bride to arrive. I always like to get to the ceremony venue before the ceremony starts to capture the interaction between the guests.  Especially as those are moments the bride and groom usually miss as they are busy doing other things.

This is the first time some of the wider family had met this new baby. I love the tenderness with which the uncle is holding the tiny baby and the expressions of joy and adoration on the faces looking down on the little guy.

Newborns make my life as a documentary wedding photographer really easy. They have such a magical effect on people.  I can stand back and observe and there is no need to tell anyone to smile – they just do!

I chose to make this image black and white as I feel it best brings out the emotion and connection of this candid photograph.  The guests’ colourful outfits would have provided a distraction from the precious facial expressions.

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