A Favourite in Focus – Hide and Seek

Little girl hiding under table during Asia House wedding

I love photographing children at weddings.  They are usually the ones that totally ignore my camera and carry on with whatever fun thing they are up to.  It’s any documentary wedding photographer’s dream.

I took this photograph during Emma + Greg’s wedding at the gorgeous Asia House.  It was a very small wedding ceremony with just the close family there.  The girl on the photo is Emma and Greg’s 5 year old daughter Isabella.  Whilst the guests were arriving at Asia House, Isabella and her cousins were investigating the ceremony room and playing hide and seek under the table.

I love how you can see Isabella’s little face looking out from under the linen cloth and her cheeky expression. This is contrasted by her Dad’s suited legs.  The elegant chairs and the flowers on the table give context that the photo was taken at a wedding ceremony.

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