A Favourite in Focus – Dad and the Wedding Dress

Father of the bride and wedding dress

This picture is a favourite of mine.  The light is gorgeous and I love the contrast between the father of the bride in black and the stunning lacy white dress. But not only that, it shows beautifully, how I as a documentary wedding photographer, like to capture details.

Details are part of the story of your wedding day and I do believe that there should be some record of the dress, flowers, table settings etc. But what I like to do is to show them in context. I very rarely hang the wedding dress where it wouldn’t naturally hang or put the shoes in exotic locations. Instead I look for ways to capture details in a way that will bring back the memories of your wedding day.

I am always conscious not to spend too much time on photographing details. For me the focus is on people, connection and emotions. If I spend a lot of time setting up rings and flowers for magazine-style detail shots, I might miss out on precious moments, like you laughing with your bridesmaids or hugging your Mum. And to me that is what weddings are all about!

If you would like to find out more about my style and approach, take a look at this article.