Father and Daughter – A Favourite in Focus

I’m going to start a new series on the blog where I take one of my favourite photographs and tell you a little bit more about the story behind it and why I like it so much.  Hopefully this will help you find out more about my style as a documentary wedding photographer and give you a bit of insight into the workings behind the lens.

This photograph was taken at Kolleen and Richard’s wonderful London wedding at the Amadeus Centre. It shows Kolleen and her Dad waiting outside the Amadeus Centre just moments before she is about to walk in to the wedding ceremony.  What makes this photograph a favourite of mine is the look on both of their faces.  Kolleen looks happy and excited and just a little bit nervous.  Kolleen’s father’s face is filled with pride and emotion. Walking his daughter down the aisle is an important moment for him.

Being a documentary wedding photographer means I was able to capture this special moment between father and daughter.  Posing them in front of the church and getting them to look at the camera might have made for a nice picture but it wouldn’t have told the same story.

Documentary Wedding Photography-0520