A Family Friendly Clissold House Wedding

Jo + Liam

Jo and Liam live on my street. I have known them for a number of years now and I felt very honoured when they asked me to document their wedding for them.

Jo and Liam have three children.  Their youngest, Ida, is the same age as my little Cosmo.  They have spent many afternoons playing and making potions together (don’t ask – it’s pretty messy!). With three children it’s not a surprise that Jo and Liam were looking for a family friendly wedding venue. They also wanted a venue that was local and that they had some sort of connection with.  The beautiful Clissold House fitted the bill perfectly.  The family have spent many afternoons in Clissold Park and Jo used to live just around the corner in Stoke Newington. And being set in the park with a big playground right next door made it really easy to keep all the kids happy and entertained.

Clissold House itself is beautiful with huge windows throughout, lots of original features and an enchanting spiral staircase. And I loved how Jo and Liam decorated the venue.  They chose simple wild flowers in pretty geometric vases, which the guests got to take home at the end of the day. Liam is very good at making things, including origami. He folded all the charming origami hearts that decorated the tables.

Having lived next door to Jo for a few years now, I know that she is a very stylish woman.  She even looks great when she has just returned from a work-out at the gym on Saturday morning. So it didn’t surprise me that she was one of the most glamorous brides I have ever photographed.  Jo chose an original 1930s vintage wedding dress with a feathered cape and looked absolutely stunning.

To keep the children entertained, Jo and Liam hired a couple of kids entertainers that played fun games with the children, performed some magic,bought them ice cream and let them have a run around on the playground.

For their first dance, Jo and Liam surprised everyone by performing a very elegant Tango.  They had been taking lessons in secret, practicing for their wedding day.

The day ended in a balmy summer evening where guests mingled happily on the terrace and slightly grubby and overexcited children rolled themselves down the hill outside Clissold House. What a wonderful wedding!

Make-up during bridal preparations Make-up during bridal preparationsBridal preparations Stoke Newington Flower girl getting ready Flower girl getting ready Kids reading wedding book before wedding Bridal preparations for Clissold House wedding Bride walks through Clissold Park Groom greets guests at Clissold House Bride walks up staircase at Clissold House Clissold House wedding Groom waiting for bride at Clissold House wedding Birde walks in with Dad at Clissold House Guests at Clissold House wedding Clissold House wedding Wedding ceremony Clissold House Bride and groom during wedding ceremony at Clissold House Wedding ceremony at Clissold House Stoke Newington Bride and groom greeting guests at Clissold House Bride and groom greeting guests at Clissold House Bride and groom inside Clissold House Guests waiting to throw confetti at Clissold House Confetti at Clissold Pakr wedding Confetti at Clissold Park wedding Confetti at Clissold House wedding Drinks reception at Clissold House wedding Guests mingling at Clissold House wedding Grandma with grandchild at Clissold House wedding Groom and daughter at Clissold Park Family friendly kids entertainment at Clissold House Bride and groom outside Clissold House Bride and groom couple portrait Clissold HouseWild flower wedding decorations Bride makes speech at Clissold House Speeches at Clissold House Wedding Speeches at Clissold House Wedding Speeches at Clissold House Wedding Speeches at Clissold House Wedding Wedding guests listening to speeches at Clissold House wedding Bride and daughter listening to speeches Kids entertainment at wedding at Clissold House Kids entertainer at Clissold House wedding Guests enjoying themselves at Clissold House wedding Couple performing tango for first wedding dance at Clissold House First dance at Clissold House wedding Guests dancing at Clissold House wedding Children on dancefloor at Clissold House weddingGuests on the stairs outside Clissold HouseFamily friendly wedding at Clissold House

If you are planning a Clissold House wedding and are looking for a documentary wedding photography, do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.