A Favourite in Focus – Laughter on the Dancefloor


Bride and friend on the dancefloor at Aynhoe wedding reception

I love capturing emotions at weddings. And the interaction between people.  This photograph does both!

I took this picture at Olivia + Ross’ amazing wedding at the stunning Aynhoe Park. This was well into the evening when everyone was up on the dance floor, celebrating with this lovely couple.

Having a boogie with your best friends is what weddings are all about. There is so much joy in this photograph. Olivia is laughing with her friend and her groom Ross is dancing like he just got married to his favourite person in the world – which he did.

I really want to capture that feeling of what it was like to be there on your wedding day. For me it is much more about what things felt like than what they looked like.  That’s why I focus on the people you love rather than the place cards, centre pieces or the dress you chose (although I’ll probably take a picture of them as well). I really believe that the photographs of your family and friends will be the ones that will mean most to you in years to come.

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