A Favourite in Focus – The Moment Before

Every few weeks, I like to look at one of my favourite photographs in a bit more detail.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I mainly take candid photographs.  However, most couples also want a few classic group portraits to be a part of their wedding coverage.  Even if it just for grandma to keep on the mantelpiece or for you to look back on and smile at everyone’s crazy hairstyle. I do understand the appeal (and happily take those types of shots) but to me the most interesting pictures are the ones like the one below.

I clicked the shutter just before I photographed a posed portrait of this brother and sister.  As they lined up, Mum quickly ran into the picture to tidy up the hair.  The picture tells a story and it’s a really familiar one that brings back memories from most of our childhood.  I love how the Mum is just captured in the frame. The texture of her dress and the little boy’s expression are great.  And I like the clock in the background showing the date and location of the wedding.

Boy and girl during group portraits at wedding at the Hoxton

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