Father of the bride and wedding dress

A Favourite in Focus – Dad and the Wedding Dress

This picture is a favourite of mine.  The light is gorgeous and I love the contrast between the father of the bride in black and the stunning lacy white dress. But not only that, it shows beautifully, how I as a documentary wedding photographer, like to capture details. Details are part of the story of…

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Little girl hiding under table during Asia House wedding

A Favourite in Focus – Hide and Seek

I love photographing children at weddings.  They are usually the ones that totally ignore my camera and carry on with whatever fun thing they are up to.  It’s any documentary wedding photographer’s dream. I took this photograph during Emma + Greg’s wedding at the gorgeous Asia House.  It was a very small wedding ceremony with…

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Signing the register at Jewish marquee wedding

A Favourite in Focus – Connection

As a documentary wedding photographer,  I always look for moments of connection. Weddings are emotional days filled with love, laughter and tears.  Couples are usually surrounded by the people they love most in the world. There are lots of opportunities to capture some wonderful interactions – no posing required. It’s about observation and anticipation and…

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Boy and girl during group portraits at wedding at the Hoxton

A Favourite in Focus – The Moment Before

Every few weeks, I like to look at one of my favourite photographs in a bit more detail. As a documentary wedding photographer, I mainly take candid photographs.  However, most couples also want a few classic group portraits to be a part of their wedding coverage.  Even if it just for grandma to keep on…

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Bride and groom laughing during ceremony at Asia House London

A Favourite in Focus – Happiness

I took this picture at Ari and Rowan’s wedding earlier this year. Ari and Rowan got married at the beautiful Asia House in Marylebone.  They chose to have a small and initmate celebration with only close friends and family present. Ari and Rowan were so excited to be married and it really shows in this…

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Group of kids playing hide and seek at marquee wedding

A Favourite in Focus – A little gang

Kids at weddings are a dream to photograph.  They are always up to something interesting and usually don’t mind being photographed while they are doing it. I took this picture at Helen and Chris’ wedding last year, which was a lovely and relaxed day in the countryside with lots of space for the kids to run…

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Black and white photo of little girl at church wedding sitting with ushers and best men

A Favourite in Focus – Spending time with Daddy

I took this photograph in the church whilst the guests were waiting for the bride to arrive. This little girl was sitting at the back of the church but wanted to spend a bit of time with Daddy who was one of the ushers. I love the contrast of the white dress in amongst all…

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Reportage wedding photograph of bride and groom during the speeches at a marquee wedding

A Favourite in Focus – Speeches

There is so much going on in this photograph!  There is the bride laughing at the speech her father is giving, the sister of the bride cheering on her Dad, the cute little daughter climbing all over her Daddy, and her twin listening to the speeches with a wry look in her face. I took this photograph during…

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A Favourite in Focus – Newborn Magic

  There is nothing like a wedding to bring together different generations. And there is nothing like a newborn to bring out expressions of wonder. I took this photograph just before the ceremony at beautiful Syon House.  The guests were waiting for the bride to arrive. I always like to get to the ceremony venue before…

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Couple dancing traditional Jewish dance at wedding at Syon House

The Jewish Wedding Dance – A Favourite in Focus

One of my favourite things about Jewish weddings is the dancing. I love the music, the energy and how everyone joins in. It can sometimes be a little tricky to capture it as the dance floor is usually pretty crowded and everything is moving really fast. So when I got this shot, I did a little…

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